What to buy in Malaysia?

Did you know that buying stuff from Malaysia is much cheaper?

Well, you must be thinking: “Of course I know lah”.

But it’s so inconvenient and time consuming to travel across the border just to get those items…

Don’t fret! We are here to help.

Let our team at UClick2Buy do all the hard work.

Simply buy an item from anywhere in Malaysia, ship it to our warehouse in Malaysia and we will deliver it straight to your door step in Singapore.

That’s amazing right? What’s more, our rates are heavily discounted!

  • 1st 500g SGD$12, now SGD$9
  • Next 500g SGD$3.00, now SGD$2.50
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As an added bonus:

We have curated the best deals in Malaysia just for you!

Let’s see the Samung C27F591F 27″ Curved Angle Monitor. It costs S$548 in Singapore.

But in Malaysia it costs MYR$1,095 + delivery to your doorstep of SGD$36 (6kg), for a total S$388.59. You just saved a whopping S$159.41!

So what are you waiting for? Shop in Malaysia and ship it back to Singapore now!