Refer Friends


All members are welcome to share the benefits of shopping and shipping with Uclick2buy to their friends. We encourage our members to support us to build up this business to a size where we can enjoy economies of scale. It is our goal to pass the savings and benefits back to all members in the form of rebates, lucky draws, lower shipping rates, etc.

We offer all our members, whose friends whom sign up with Uclick2buy and used our service, some reward as an appreciation. For every three new sign up members, the member who refer them stand to gain $10.00 credit which will be credited into his/her account. Please be informed that once “the friend has signed up”, any member who subsequently submits the same name will not be entitled to use the same name – meaning the name can only be used once. So don’t wait for others to submit, be the first to submit your friend’s name and claim the reward.

Every member can log in and submit the names and e-mails of their friends. An e-mail will be sent to their friends informing them about Uclick2buy. They can view a copy of this e-mail before deciding whether to submit a list of their friend’s name and e-mail address. All our members are assured of the confidentiality of their friends personal data as clearly stated in our privacy policy. Members can also view their personal data and their friends who sign up as new members after they log in. However they are not allowed to changed any data themselves. Uclick2buy should be notified if the member likes to update his personal data. You can contact us anytime via our contact page.