Fees and Rates – Philippines


Uclick2buy offers online shoppers who purchase their products directly with US/China merchants the following membership packages and shipping rates.

Sign Up Fee Membership Fee Shipping Rates Service Fee Fuel Surcharge
USA Free Free 1st 500g USD18.50
additional 500g USD 9.50
Free USD 0.50 per 0.5Kg
China Free Free 1st 500g USD 18.50
additional 500g USD 6.50
Free USD 0.50 per 0.5Kg
Japan Free Free 1st 500g USD 27.00
additional 500g USD 13.50
Free USD 0.50 per 0.5Kg


When online shoppers encounter a problem whereby US/China merchants only accept US/China credit card, the online shopper can make use of uclick2buy personal shopper service. There is a small service fee which is charged on total amount purchase and not on individual orders.

Sign Up Fee Membership Fee Shipping Rates Service Fee Fuel Surcharge
US Free Free Below 0.5kg PHP 840.00
additional 0.5kg PHP 420.00
10% PHP 21.00 per 0.5Kg
China Free Free Below 0.5kg PHP 900.00
additional 0.5kg PHP 300.00
8% PHP 23.00 per 0.5Kg

Our shipping rates include only the airfreight rates from US/China to Philippines, customs clearance in Philippines for normal products and delivery within Metro Manila during business days. All other charges like US/China inland charges, or Philippines government charges for controlled products and delivery outside Manila will be invoiced at costs.

We will deliver your packages within 4-6 business days after check out.


Consolidation is to pack multiple items into one shipment. Consolidation helps you to save money as you only pay the 1st Kg once. The more you consolidate, the more you save.


Uclick2buy will allow members to store their merchandise for up to 30 days and Business Programs for up to 90 days at no charge. After the mentioned number of days, the customer agrees to pay storage of S$5.00 per parcel per week.



Unless you specifically purchase insurance for your goods prior to shipping with us, our insurance payout is subject to USD20.00 per kg. There is free insurance coverage for first $100.00 for each package. Thereafter, you can purchase USD$3.00 for every USD$100 value of goods.



To assure customers on the shipment delivery time, we now guarantee shipping fee refund on *published rates for all late parcels. This applies to all parcels shipped out from US & China. To calculate the number of days delayed, it should start from the next working day after payment.

Shipment* arrived in our on warehouse on 27th Oct 15, you make payment on 29th Oct 15, our promise delivery days is 4-6 working days. Thus you should start counting on 30th Oct.
Day 1 – 30th Oct 15
Day 2 – 2nd Nov 15
Day 3 – 3rd Nov 15
Day 4 – 4th Nov 15
Day 5 – 5th Nov 15
Day 6 – 6th Nov 15
Any working days after 6th Nov 15 would be counted as the days delayed.

If the delivery to you is on the 12th Nov 15, no. of working days delayed is 3 days, thus there will be a refund of 20.00% on shipping fees.

* The refund cannot be used in conjunction with any promotions. If there is a promotion used we will refund the difference only.

* if you are consolidating your items, all items must arrived at our warehouse before we will send out. Thus the delivery days should start counting from the next day after all your items arrived.

No.of Working Days Delayed Refund
1 Day 10.00%
3 Days 20.00%
7 Days 30.00%

Any delays dues to natural disasters, custom issues and politics may not apply.


As from July 2019 the Singapore Customs has imposed new regulations for all incoming shipment by road.

( Currently we are moving our shipment from Malaysia by road due to limited airline space and higher rates because of the Covid 19 pandemic.)

GST on goods of 7% will be charged regardless of the value. On top of that there will be a handling fee of 10% from the GST fee and $15 documentation fee will also be charged.