Fees and Rates – Malaysia


Uclick2buy offers online shoppers who purchase their products directly with US/China merchants the following membership packages and shipping rates.


Sign Up Fee Membership Fee Shipping Rates (Includes door-to-door delivery) Service Fee Fuel Surcharge
US Free Free 1st 500g MYR 65.00
Every 500g MYR 30.00
Free Free
Singapore Free Free 1st 500g, MYR 28.00 MYR 18.00
Every 500g MYR 8 MYR 6.75
Free Free

We will deliver your packages within 4-6 business days after check out.Our shipping rates include only the airfreight rates from US/China to Malaysia, customs clearance in Malaysia for normal products and delivery during business days. All other charges like US/China inland charges, or Malaysia government charges for controlled products will be invoiced at costs.


Consolidation is to pack multiple items into one shipment. Consolidation helps you to save money as you only pay the 1st Kg once. The more you consolidate, the more you save.


Uclick2buy will allow members to store their merchandise for up to 30 days and Business Programs for up to 90 days at no charge. After the mentioned number of days, the customer agrees to pay storage of S$5.00 per parcel per week.



Unless you specifically purchase insurance for your goods prior to shipping with us, our insurance payout is subject to USD20.00 per kg. There is free insurance coverage for first $100.00 for each package. Thereafter, you can purchase USD$3.00 for every USD$100 value of goods.


If the value of CIF exceeds MYR$500.00 there will be custom clearance required, and a handling charge of MYR$53 will be incurred to the customer.

There is a 6% Goods and Services Tax (GST) levied on all goods imported into Malaysia. GST is calculated based on the CIF value of the goods plus all duties payable.

  • CIF = Cost of Product + Insurance + Freight (or shipping charge)
  • Cost of product = Cost of product + Sales Tax + US inland shipping charge
  • GST relief is granted on goods, inclusive of new articles, personal effects, souvenirs, gifts and food preparations but excluding dutiable products, imported to a total value not exceeding $500.00. Where the value exceeds $500.00, the entire sum would be subjected to GST.