Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Shopper?

Direct Shopper allows you to make your own purchase from merchants. We will provide you a customized address which you are able to use it to ship your products to our company. Once we received your goods in US/China, we will ship it to Singapore and deliver to your doorstep.

What is Personal Shopper?

Personal Shopper is specially designed to provide you the opportunity to shop at online merchants who only accept local credit cards. We will place your order on your behalf within 1 business day after you have passed us your order. We charge a small service fee for providing this service.

I have passed you my shopping list. When are you going to place the order?

We will place your order within 2 business days after you have confirmed your payment with us.

Are you able to insert promo codes in the merchant website for me?

Yes, you can type in valid promo codes in the comments text box while placing your order. We will also use promo codes to our knowledge. However, we are not responsible for any rejection or failing to apply promo codes.

I have received my items but they are not the items I placed with you?

We will check with the merchants. However, if the merchant request a 1-to-1 exchange, you will be responsible for all logistics and shipping charges inclusive of from Singapore to the merchant and the merchant to Singapore.

Am I able to cancel or make changes in the order after I placed the order with you?

Yes you can, provided that we have not placed your order. There will be no administrative charges. If you are making changes to your order, you will have to resubmit the order. There will be no cancellation or changes allowed after we had placed your order.

How do I know that you have placed the order for me?

You will receive an e-mail to inform you that the product is available. In event the product is not available, you will also receive an e-mail to notify you of product unavailability and that we will credit the amount paid to your account.

Will you still place my order if some of my items are out of stock?

Yes, we will place your order for the rest of your items. However, if 70% of the orders are out of stock, we will seek your advice accordingly.

How do you calculate volumetric weight?

You take the dimensions of length x breadth x height of each parcel and if they are in centimetres divide by 5000 or if the dimensions are in inches divide by 305 to get the volumetric weight in kg.

What is consolidation?

Consolidation is to pack multiple items into one shipment. Consolidation helps you to save money as you only pay the 1st Kg once. The more you consolidate, the more you save.

Are there any conditions for consolidation?

Yes, you are able to consolidate your items for up to 30 days. After 30 days, you will be charged for a holding fee of S$5 per package per week.

Do you provide repackaging services?

Yes, We do provide repackaging service. If the difference of gross weight and volume weight is 3.0kgs or more we will auto repack.

How am I able to track my packages?

You can login to your account, click on Track& Trace and monitor your packages

Why do I need to send the invoice?

For Direct shopper only, we will need your invoice in order to determine cost and type of goods that you have shipped and also to match against your shipment. Note that we do not accept any prohibited items. If you fail to send your invoice, we cannot proceed to ship your package to Singapore.

How long do you need to process my invoice?

We will process your invoice within 1 business day.

Why I have not received the shipment payment email?

There could be 2 reasons. One of them is you have not send an invoice to us so we can’t match against your package. The other one could be your parcel has not reached our warehouse.

How long does it take for the shipment to reach me?

It will take 4-6 business days to deliver to your doorstep once we receive your package in our warehouse and match with the invoice that you sent us.

Do you offer after business hour delivery?

Yes, we do. Our business hour is from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. However, you will have to pay $8.00 to our courier company if you opt for after business hour delivery. Our courier company do not deliver on Sunday and public holidays

What are the prohibited items?

We have listed below the following prohibited items:
Chewing gum (except oral dental and medicated gum)
Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products
Cigarette lighters of pistol or revolver shape
E-Cigarettes, vapour and related products
Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances
Endangered species of wildlife and their by-products
Obscene articles, publications, video tapes/discs and software
Reproduction of copyright publications, video tapes, video compact discs, laser discs, records or Cassettes Seditious and treasonable materials It is an offence if you attempt to bring in any of the items listed above
Please refer to Custom Controlled Goods:

what is China Export Prohibitions?

The following items are prohibited for export out of China:
Printed matter, manuscripts, fillms, photos, gramophone records, audio tapes, video tapes, VCDs, computer storage media and other commodities considered injurious to national security.
Antiques and other cultural items, created before 1949
Rare and endangered animals and/or plants, including their specimens and seeds
Natural bezoars
Platinum in unwrought or in powder form
Platinum in plates and sheets
Nostoc flagelliforme (black moss)
Used electronic and machinery products
Tiger bones
Rhioceros horns
Products made by prisoners
Chinese ephedra (medical plant)
Stamps over 100 years old
Pornographic and/or obscene material.
Currency (Bank notes and Coins)

How long can I store my packages at my Personalized Address?

Uclick2buy will allow members to store their merchandise for up to 30 days and Business Programs for up to 90 days at no charge. After the mentioned number of days, the customer agrees to pay storage of S$5.00 per parcel per week.

Is there any insurance provided?

Yes, there is free insurance coverage for first $100.00 for each package. Thereafter, you can purchase US$3.00 for every US$100 value of goods.

What are my purchases insured against?

You are insured against missing and damaged items during transit. The amount of claims excludes the shipping rates.

In event of a claim, how much can I claim?

Unless you specifically purchase insurance for your goods prior to shipping with us, our insurance payout is subject to USD20.00 per kg. If you want us to buy insurance on your behalf for ad hoc shipment, our charges are US$3.00 for every US$100 value of goods insured.

How do I compute my online purchase?

There is a 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) levied on all goods imported into Singapore. GST is calculated based on the CIF value of the goods plus all duties payable.
CIF = Cost of Product + Insurance + Freight (or shipping charge)
Cost of product = Cost of product + Sales Tax + inland shipping charge
GST relief is granted on goods, inclusive of new articles, personal effects, souvenirs, gifts and food preparations but excluding dutiable products, imported to a total value not exceeding $400.00. Where the value exceeds $400.00, the entire sum would be subjected to GST.

I lost my password. How am I going to reset my password?

You can get your new password by clicking on the login page “Forgot Password”

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, you are able to do so. You need to login to your account and select Account Settings and choose Edit Profile

Is everyone eligible for Refer a Friend program?

No, only members who are register with are eligible for Refer a Friend program. Members can login your account, Select Refer Friends and choose Email to Friends.

Is there any rewards?

Definitely Yes! For every 3 friends you have referred and signed up Premium membership with us, your account will be credited with S$10.00 immediately. There are no limits on how many friends you can refer to.