About Us

Uclick2buy was set up in 2010 to offer Singapore online shoppers the opportunity to shop from the convenience of their homes. We have made online shopping easy and open the door to thousands of merchants, thus offering shoppers more choices. We also offer very competitive shipping rates, the lowest in Singapore, for online shoppers, thus saving them high shipping costs. We also offer reliable and acceptable delivery times.

We have developed a web site that is dedicated to offering our customers savings from well known brands. We have a cost calculator which our customers can get an estimate of the full landed price of the goods they intend to buy and therefore make some comparison. We have a well tested back end system which is able to monitor your orders with track and trace and an experienced customer service.

We recognize that experienced online shoppers have their own preference and are accustomed to using their credit cards with direct purchase with merchants. For these customers, we offer a “buy yourself” service where Uclick2buy only handles the product from the receipt at our US/CHINA warehouse to final delivery in Singapore. You can take advantage of our competitive shipping rates and the many promotions we have planned throughout the year. We even have a “Refer a Friend” program where you can earn rewards points which will be credited into your account.

For customers who encounter some merchants in the US/CHINA who do not accept international credit cards, we offer a “personal shopper service” with a small service fee.